Our expert sourcing team includes Master Sourcers Irina ShamaevaDavid Galley, and Julia Tverskaya.

We work with corporate and agency recruiting teams on a project or hourly basis and provide Internet sourcing, research, and name generation services. We pride ourselves on the work we do, develop unique methods, and welcome challenging assignments. 

Due to the universal and always up-to-date searching methods we create and use, we can source professionals in any industry and any location. 


To jump-start a sourcing project, we need:

  • Job/role descriptions; target geography
  • (Optionally) sample target profiles or resumes, approximate salary ranges, lists of job titles, target companies (or we can compile for you), typical profile keywords; certifications or memberships; where you have looked; why this may be difficult; anything else you would find relevant
  • (Optionally) A list of already sourced candidates

Brain Gain Recruiting Sourcing Checklist (Excel), also available as a Google Sheet (select File -> Make a copy to edit).


  • Lists of qualified candidates
  • LinkedIn and other social profiles
  • Lists of contacts with names, titles, companies, and locations
  • Comments, including reasons for submitting the results
  • (Optionally, on client’s request) explanations of methodologies used
  • (Optionally, on client’s request) initial contact with potential candidates
  • Competitor analysis/market feedback

Schedule and Deliverables

  • Custom output: lists of profiles with contact information shared via a Google Doc (view the standard template)
  • Expect to get the initial results in two days, and your project finished within a week
  • Regular check-in with the client for feedback on the results
  • Optimizing your ROI: we will spend the hours only on producing actionable results; when in doubt, we will check with you before researching a given direction

Pricing Options

  • $200 hourly rate with a ten-hour minimum for a job opening
  • Per-project pricing (no set number of hours) starts at $3,000 for a given job opening
  • Monthly retained sourcing services
  • Fixed-price quotes are available on request


We do not guarantee any specific outcome (such as the number of names which may vary depending on the project). We guarantee that we will bring an innovative approach to your project, using the most up-to-date tools and platforms, providing you with an adequate volume of matching results.


  • Please contact Irina at [email protected] / 1-510-233-9493 Pacific time to discuss the specifics of your needs and our availability.