Email Extractor

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

By using Email Extractor, you agree to use this Chrome extension in a legal and ethical way. Further you agree that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your use of this Chrome extension is in accordance with all legal, privacy, copyright, permissions, restrictions, and any terms and conditions which you have agreed to as an individual or as an organization on any of the web sites on which This Chrome extension is used.

This extension can operate on any web pages you visit. The extension does not start operating until you, a User, explicitly issue a command to the extension to collect data (by clicking an extension icon).\xa0 The extension’s current status (“Idle” or “Collecting”) is displayed in its tooltip.

While it is operating, the extension collects email addresses from a current web page/tab. All data this extension collects are placed on your computer’s clipboard. You, a user, can copy these data from a clipboard to a file or another long-term storage.

We do not share or use any of the data we collect. We do not send any collected data anywhere.