Our expert people sourcing team – Irina Shamaeva and David Galley – work with corporate and agency recruiting teams on a contract basis and provide Internet Sourcing, Research, Name Generation, and Social Profiles Services. We have a combined Internet Sourcing Experience of over 36 years.

Due to the universal and always up-to-date searching methods we use, we offer sourcing in any industry and in any geography. To provide only a few examples: in the recent months we have searched for Analytics Managers, Creative Directors, Radio Engineers (in Europe), Sensor Engineers, Bridge Inspectors with Forensic Experience, and ERP Management Consultants.


To jump-start a sourcing project, we would need:

  • Job/Role descriptions; target geography
  • (Optionally) sample target resumes (desired); approximate salary ranges; lists of typical titles, including synonyms; target companies; typical profile keywords; certifications or memberships; where you have looked and why this may be difficult; anything else you would find relevant.

Brain Gain Recruiting Sourcing Checklist


  • Resumes
  • LinkedIn and other Social Profiles
  • Lists of contacts with names, titles, companies, and locations
  • Comments, including reasons for submitting the results
  • (Optionally, on client’s request) explanations of methodologies used
  • (Optionally, on clients request) initial contact with potential candidates

Schedule and Deliverables

  • Flexible schedule: between 5 and 35 hours weekly, as needed
  • Custom output: resumes and/or profiles and/or lists with contact information
  • Submitting results at least weekly; more often if necessary
  • Regular check-in with the client and feedback on the results
  • Optimizing your ROI: we will spend the hours only on producing actionable results; if in doubt, we’ll check with you before doing research in a given direction


(partial list)

  • Talentbin (access to 200 MLN+ profiles)
  • Entelo (access to profiles of software engineers)
  • Outwit Hub (sorting and organizing collected results)
  • LinkedIn Talent Pipeline
  • Google Custom Search Engines
  • Secret People Sourcing Tools that we’ll only tell you about privately


$150 hourly rate, with a minimum of 40 hours initially.


We do not guarantee any specific outcome (such as the number of names – it may greatly vary depending in the project). We do guarantee your satisfaction. We are open to stopping a project short, at any time, if our work doesn’t satisfy the client.


Please contact Irina/510-233-9493 Pacific time to discuss our availability and the specifics of your research project.