Our expert people sourcing team include Master Sourcers Irina Shamaeva and David Galley. We work with corporate and agency recruiting teams on a contract basis and provide Internet sourcing, research, name generation, and social profiles services. Team members have a combined Internet Sourcing Experience of over 36 years.

Due to the universal and always up-to-date searching methods we use, we are able to do sourcing and provide excellent results for projects in any industry and in any location, at one of the highest ROI among similar services. To provide only a few examples: in the recent months we have searched for Analytics Managers, Creative Directors, Radio Engineers (in Europe), Sensor Engineers, Bridge Inspectors with Forensic Experience, and ERP Management Consultants.


To jump-start a sourcing project, we would need:

  • Job/role descriptions; target geography
  • (Optionally) sample target resumes (desired); approximate salary ranges; lists of typical titles, including synonyms; target companies; typical profile keywords; certifications or memberships; where you have looked and why this may be difficult; anything else you would find relevant.

Brain Gain Recruiting Sourcing Checklist


  • Resumes
  • LinkedIn and other Social Profiles
  • Lists of contacts with names, titles, companies, and locations
  • Comments, including reasons for submitting the results
  • (Optionally, on client’s request) explanations of methodologies used
  • (Optionally, on client’s request) initial contact with potential candidates

Schedule and Deliverables

  • Flexible schedule: between 5 and 35 hours weekly, as needed
  • Custom output: resumes and/or profiles and/or lists with contact information
  • Submitting results at least weekly; more often if necessary
  • Regular check-in with the client and feedback on the results
  • Optimizing your ROI: we will spend the hours only on producing actionable results; if in doubt, we’ll check with you before doing research in a given direction


(partial list)

  • Talentbin (access to 200 MLN+ profiles)
  • HiringSoldev (access to social profiles world-wide)
  • Outwit Hub (sorting and organizing collected results)
  • LinkedIn Talent Pipeline
  • Google Custom Search Engines
  • Secret People Sourcing Tools that we’ll only tell you about privately


$150 hourly rate, with a minimum of 40 hours initially.


We do not guarantee any specific outcome (such as the number of names – it may greatly vary depending in the project). We do guarantee your satisfaction. We are open to stopping a project short, at any time, if our work doesn’t satisfy the client.


Please contact Irina/1-510-233-9493 Pacific time to discuss our availability and the specifics of your research project.